News added 21 : 03 : 09

Here's some great news for ya : today we booked the studio ; for the follow-up of "A Nihilistic Swarm" we've again chosen Excess studios in Rotterdam , we'll start recording the drums from May 9 till May 12 , pre-production is taking lot of time at the moment , but we're pretty confident Pascal is going to pull it off , we 've learned a lot the last couple of years to get the job done even better ..
... and ofcourse we'll keep you updated - bit by bit - on how things evolve , keep an eye out on the video channels ..
The expected release date will be announced in due time ...

News added 11 : 02 : 09

Another try-out gig where we throw some new stuff on the crowd , we'll be playing a special set with both old and new songs . We're very busy right now getting the new album ready for release again on Deity Down Records ; things are getting in shape now , in fact we're about to hit the studio ...
About saturday Februari 28th. : We'll be headlining "To Hellfest part 5 " , the venue is OJC Maddogs , located in Groesbeek , a little town near Nijmegen ; it's going to be quite a festival with six bands , it starts early - at 18:00 ! - the other bands are :

The Embodiment

Vermin Embodiment Impalement Persistense Sepiroth

News added 06 : 10 : 08

There's one show booked on saturday November 22nd. at De Poort in Dongen , we'll try out some new stuff on the crowd ; other bands that play this evening are Persistense and First Fight Down , there's going to be a blast ...

News added 27 : 05 : 08

Here's a little update ; a lot has happened and we're still busy ; we have recruted a full bandmember filling the spot for bassplayer , the decision was not difficult , names and details very soon .
We are currently writing the new album , it involves more than ever al the bandmembers in the process beeing active in creating ; the new one is still gonna be brutal , and since we've all progressed a lot on our skills , it's definatly going to be an album that lifts up Vermin to a higher level.
The material that is finished sofar , is received very well ; we record songs that are finished as a pre-demo since 3 of us are also experienced audio engineers with the proper equipment , this way we can also discover possible difficulties while recording for real , kind of in the way "A Nihilistic Swarm" was made ...
We are still considdering how and where we will record and mix and master the new cd , and we probably start recording in the end of this year ; when it is finished ( recorded,mixed and pressed ) we will do a little minitour presenting the new album in the Netherlands , Belgium and most likely with another leg into Germany , planning these gigs right now , negotiating with some special guests as well ...
News on our label DEITY DOWN RECORDS : they have released some more interesting albums from our - new - label mates ANMOD from Brasil , HATRED and DISTURBING FORESIGHTS both from the Netherlands as well about to release the album from DARK INTENTIONS also from the Netherlands , check out these bands on the DEITY DOWN RECORDS - site , were you find links , biographies and most likely nice deals to get the albums , although as from March this year all Deity Down Records' releases can be ordered worldwide now due to a couple of great distribution deals ! Get to your local recordshop now , keep supporting metal !
Still some goodies from us for free (!) on these locations :

Vermin - live in Hamburg 2006 Germany full video
Vermin - live in Caldas da Rainha 2006 Portugal full video

Also get in touch with us to get leftovers from our MERCHANDISE for a real cheap deal ! Keep checking in , to catch the latest gossip / news on Vermin's new album , tourdates etc ...

News added 26 : 11 : 07

We've done our last show before the new album hits the streets , that's when Vermin comes out again ; we're busy writing and recording the follow-up for "A Nihilistic Swarm" whatch out for that one ! We are still searching for a bassplayer , contact us ! Meanwhile keep coming back here for the latest news / updates , and check our SPACE once a while ...

News added 14 : 11 : 07

One more band added to the DEITY DOWN RECORDS roster ; dutch HATRED they inked the papers last friday Nov. 9th. Their full-length "Blasphemous Deliverance" will be released January 2008, there's a couple of new songs from that album on their Space....they are back !

News added 09 : 09 : 07

News from our label DEITY DOWN RECORDS : Brasillian Death grinders ANMOD have signed to our record company last friday Sep. 7th. Early 2008 their debut album "Monstrosity Per Difectum" will be released , expect some brutal deathgrind brasillian style ; checkout some songs on their Space....

News added 21 : 07 : 07

We`re back from the tour with Insurrection Down , that took us along Switserland, Poland, Germany, Czechic Republic, Belgium to end up in Tilburg Netherlands , in a total of 5300 kilometers ... along we`ve met some of the best underground metalbands , some crazy but most of all friendly people out there ... We came back with an experience captured to our minds forever , thank you to all bands involved , gig-organisers/promoters , our - new- friends made on this tour , see ya`ll soon sometime again !

All shows were filmed , a split DVD with the guys from Insurrection Down is at hand , expect a real cool little document that is featured on this DVD like a main show of both bands with multi camara angles , and some bonus stuff on the other shows/clubs to complete the view inside the tour , meanwhile just a couple of shows are sceduled for 2007 ; Vermin is gonna work on the 2006 "A Nihilistic Swarm" follow-up , plans for recording are set to the end of this year , check out the AGENDA for shows to be sure to catch us this year and pick up some of NEW SHIRTS left from the tour/campaign of "A Nihilistic Swarm" ...

A full tour report is coming up , if there are more pictures , please send`em to US !! Stories about every day are gonna be revealed here , whatch out for that ....

News added 25 : 05 : 07

A few days before our "Swarming Over Europe"- tour begins , a little update on our MERCHANDISE section , check out the new shirts , there`s a nice range for everybody ...and HERE you will find the tour poster with the exact dates ... , one or two dates might be added along the way , but we`re not counting on it , for details on the seperate gigs go to the AGENDA

We have closed an amazing weekend tour with the guys of ALCOHOLOCAUST and WISHYOUWEREDEAD It was great seeing the guys again , and plans are made to get back to Portugal very soon , LET THE DRUNKS UNITE , man did i had a couple of beers , we should have requested sponsor money for this event at the beercompanies , heh heh ... The gigs went well ; Rob played on his new equipment and it showed off ! Finally our sound is back it should have been : BRUTAL , come check it out on the coming tour ...., thanx to HYMIR for having the party started in Utrecht , and DEVIOUS for closing the insanity ; Ron dived from the Mezzstage during their show ... A lot of video footage is made , we`ll share some vids soon , a very special thanx goes out to Daniel of MURDERRECORDS for his outstanding support and assistance , cheerrrs brother ! be continued

A whole bunch of shows coming up in May and June , a.o. were going on Tour ( check the FLYER ) through Europe with our friends of INSURRECTION DOWN from Brasil , check out these guys on their MySpace too ! More info soon ! Keep checking the AGENDA !!!

A big update on the news today ; with Rob de Waardt on the bassguitar Vermin are a complete deathmetal ensemble again ! Rob is the drummer ( ! ) in both WISHYOUWEREDEAD and HATRED ...quite a busy man huh ? Beeing a friend of the band for a long time and a very skilled musician , the decision was easy ... It is the guy in the middle down here :

 CLICK THIS ...Rob - in middle - Jan.27th`07 in Bladel (NL) We are still looking for a permanent solution since Rob has obligations to his other two bands and therefor his contribution to the band is on a sessionbasis , with Rob we`ll record a Vermin-bassguitar instruction dvd , in order to make it as easy as possible for any new permanent member on the bass department ; serious replies to : ronhead . Rob has ensured us though to play as many shows as possible with Vermin and matching all these bands schedules , there`s no cause for alarm ; on a sidenote : Vermin has played live shows without bassguitar for almost a year and a half , things just got better now !!

Another big news item is that DEVIOUS has inked the deal with DEITY DOWN RECORDS and have released their new album "Domain" on February 1st.The releaseparty in Hengelo was a great succes and reviews of the album are coming in the next weeks from now ....We`ve got labelmates !!!! To celebrate this event Deity Down Records has a nice offer on both band`s albums , go check it out ! Deity Down Records` SHOP is also online now , you might find some obscure items there too .

And finally we welcome our friends from Portugal , the AA`s permanent guests ALCOHOLOCAUST in the first weekend of May for their return-gigs in Holland to thrash-up some stages overhere , keep checking for touring-updates/details ; Oktober last year Wishyouweredead and Vermin played a number of gigs with them in Portugal , of which you still can wittness our first night in Caldas da Rainha here , complete with a little artwork for it !............... A pre-view is on our myspace page ....

 Get to the multi media section now!!

Some news on the gigs -department : Alcoholocaust are not able to come over to Holland due to personal obligations , we`ll have them overhere early 2007 for a number of gigs , new interviews added ,the gig at De Piek still stands though for us and Wishyouweredead , the replacement for the portuguese is SEPHIROTH go check`em out !!

We have put online a whole bunch of live vids from the Portugal trip , go see our myspace page and select videos , almost the whole gig of Caldas da Rainha can be found there !!

New reviews and interviews added aswell as some new gigs , the Portugal dates went very well , some pictures can befound here at PHOTOSLAUGHTER (pix by Peter Slaughter), Alcoholocaust are the true and old school thrashers : we went back some 20 years ! Wishyouweredead was received very well too , and at our shows people went crazy as hell, some live clips will be added soon ....; our thoughts however were with the death of Maarten 'Ploegbaas' Luysterberg , a big loss for us beeing a great friend and musical collegue , his inspiration and lessons in skills are left now , "...meten is weten ..." , please visit if you`ve not done it allready , see you again sometime mate ....R.I.P. +

Due to double booking - the Portugese are coming over to Holland the second weekend of December - our show at Dongen is cancelled ; december 9th we`ll play in Vlissingen !!!!

News on this weekend`s little tour of Vermin , Wolf is not able to play at least the ZAANDAM and ZWOLLE gigs due to circomstances of private matter , however we have found a solution to fill-in the missing spot for the second guitarplayer on these gigs .... SCHOFT of dutch deathmetal ensemble BRUTUS was asked to do the impossible ; one week , a full set , a different style .... , rehearsals last thursday showed no doubt in his playing our songs , .....we might even have a surprise at the ROOSENDAAL gig , this sunday ......

News : the compilation "Gratis Naar De Tering"is out now ! it`s a free sampler ; Vermin is featured with 2 live tracks recorded at Fuck The Commerce fest IX for details on bands and tracks .......

A little update then , some pictures of our last gig in De Kerel in Zundert shot by Chantal Pots are overhere .........., on a further note : Textures is added to the bill on friday the 13th in DE KADE ) in Zaandam

Finally ,... here`s a big news update and a clean-up in the MEDIA section a bit..... added 18.09.06, new reviews here ...., also a couple of interviews can be found here , and do check the UPDATED GIGLIST ; there`s 2 minitours coming up , both weekends in oktober , of which the last weekend we`ll do shows in Portugal ! , thanx to Daniel of Murder Records and Alcohocaust , this band will come over to us in end of November , watch out for that ... On a further note ; we`ve done a new photo shoot on sunday aug 27th. , we definatly needed some new promo pix , and we`re now checking some 150 + pix for those 5 best suitable ... , check`em out here later ...

A compilation promo-cd by P.O.B. magazine and the bands from the Breda scene is coming up ; Vermin is featured with 2 live songs , recorded at the Fuck the commerce fest May 26th. 2006 , .......

And some more reviews here ...., added 16 . 07 . 06

We have returned safe from the Fuck the commerce fest ,it was a blast ! We met great bands and great people , we will see some of them in a very near future again , doing gigs and all here`s some impressions : Pix by Dipmala . and another 3 by Jorg at an impressive review of the whole fest can be read at Zware in dutch though .... ... Now we`re busy again at home ; working on loads of video material ; the FTC gig was filmed with 4 camera`s , probably released with our next effort , we also shot our cd-presentation gig , that footage will be online soon , just for fun ...

"A Nihilistic Swarm" has been released , you can read some reviews here .... and we are now also on My Space ... where you can watch amongst other stuff , our new video for "Falling Deathwards " , the bonus vid on on our current album !

We are working on the new site ; new design in A Nihilistic Swarm style , make sure you get back soon to the new url :

Here`s the F.T.C. 2006 BANDS ... And this one for the agenda : the OFFICIAL CD - PRESENTATION on SATURDAY MAY 20th. @ 17:00 hrs.: instore-gig - @ VELVET music in Breda and overhere`s some more GIGS , check`em out .....

Big news added 17 : 04 : 06 Vermin inks deal with Deity Down Records !

Today , sunday april 17th. Vermin have inked the deal with DEITY DOWN RECORDS , after a period of negotiating and hard work in the background , both D.D.R. and we have finally made the release of " A Nihilistic Swarm " possible with this agreement ; it`s release will be in the first week of May , DEITY DOWN RECORDS have put online a temporarly site to make it possible to get your pre-orders placed aswell as getting info on `em , they will have a bright new site up in the next few days , with the latest news on the release and maybe get a real good deal when ordering through them... worldwide ! !

And about A Nihilistic Swarm ; because of signing the contract this weekend , we prepared the final master cd aswell this last weekend , the extra bonus - cd-xtra - track was finished , created together with Daniel ' Razorshark ' we`ve managed to get our debut album a little extra ; an interactive menu that features 2 video`s ( the clip for " Falling Deathwards" and the making of Swarm vid - from Excess studios ) acompanied with a little slideshow from the making of that videoclip - shot in feb 2005 (!) with up to 5 cameras simultainiously in about 14 takes (!)... , the menu itself is a nice add-on by itself allready ...

Keep an eye on our agenda ... , we are preparing a very special release party with a some special guests ......

added 11 : 04 : 06 Forum Update

A brandnew FORUM awaits for everyone who's interested, check it out under Contacts...

We`ve done the Band Battle for F.T.C. 2006 March 25th in Hamburg .... and we`ve won ! , We`ll now play at this year's edition of Fuck The Commerce ................................ The " A Nihilistic Swarm " album`s release is at hand , negotiations with our label are currently in process , we``ll soon add more info on the label aswell as ordering the album online ! also a releaseparty with a special gig and guests is planned !!

meanwhile here`s the artwork , created by Bart Hennephof

Vermin - A Nihilistic Swarm final 2006 frontcoverVermin - A Nihilistic Swarm final 2006 frontcover

and a few more gigs confirmed ... added 24 : 02 : 06

TOURING section updated.

added 02 : 02 : 06 News :

GIGS : March 4th Dynamo Eindhoven and Catacombs fest feb 18th ,check TOURING,

Also a little live clip can be found here :DOWNZ-SECTION , for the song " Eyes Wide Shut ", also LINKS - section updated .

Some news on " A Nihilistic Swarm " , we`re planning a release for the album ourselves , most likely somewhere februari 2006 , we`re planning a release party aswell , more soon !

added 28 : 11 : 05 more gigs and news on "Swarm"

We`ve added 3 more gigs , check TOURING, amongst others december 17th , we are invited to play at the opening of STAGEBACK , the new metal venue in Breda along with Saeculum ...

Some news on " A Nihilistic Swarm " , we`re planning a release for the album ourselves , most likely early januari 2006 , we`re planning a release party aswell , more soon !

THE BIG NEWS added 14 : 05 : 05

We finished the album ! "A NIHILISTIC SWARM " entitled sure took as a while but it was definatly worthwhile , we`re now checking on possibilities for it`s release , some labels showed interest allready , we do want it out there fast ofcourse but we`re also not gonna ' rush ' it , we recorded 16 songs ...check tracklist here , it`s cover is ready , made by Bart Hennephof (Textures) and he has done an awesome job , we`ll show some art soon !!! , meanwhile check us out live next months ....

added 31 : 10 : 05 another gig

"Herriemiddag" at jc Kelder in Breda , November 27th. : V E R M I N + S Y N C A R D I O N

TOURING section updated.

updated 12 : 10 : 05 multimedia section

A little nescessary update on our MULTIMEDIA - section done , some new stuff from the coming album " A Nihilistic Swarm " and re-arranged the ' older ' mp 3`s , and furthermore LINKS - section updated .

added 11 : 10 : 05 another gig

JH Nooduitgang in Edegem (near Antwerp) has 'les Voimainz' to fit in this KILLER-BILL on februari 18th :


TOURING section updated.

added 05 : 10 : 05 some more gigs

... the first for 2006 is set , more details very soon , also another time at the Little Devil , trying out a new set next week ..., and at Dok 19 in Breda we`re playing a tuesday evening , one of three days of a bandrace , final on okt 23rd ... check agenda...

TOURING section updated.

added 29 : 09 : 05 Kelder Breda gig

J.C. de Kelder in Breda on the 2nd of oktober , is C A N C E L L E D ! ! , due to circomstances the band has no grip on , goddamn it ... check agenda...

TOURING section updated.

added 15 : 09 : 05 Belgian gig

Posthuis in Wuustwezel in Belgium is having Vermin at saturday 15th ... ; opening up for us is Skizm , local ' new ' band doing a try-out with their devastating art of math.core , come in early (doors at 19:00 hrs )... check agenda...

TOURING section updated.

added 28 : 08 : 05 Vermin at Molfest ...

Vermin is added to the BRUTAL edition of MOLFEST saturday oktober 22nd, to be held at jc Kompleks in Heerhogowaard in the north of Holland , the other bands are : Severe Torture , Brutus and Isle of Man ... , check agenda...

TOURING section updated.

added 30 : 06 : 05 another gig

Another gig on july 15th. at the Little Devil in Tilburg and still july 10th , we`ll play the Boulevard in Breda , it has been a long time playing " at home " ... , check agenda...

TOURING section updated.

More news on the album :mai 11 and 12 final mix and mastering of the cd are sceduled , ....check PREVIEW HERE

added 28 : 02 : 05 mp3 from the new album

Here`s the first piece from the upcoming album , check MULTIMEDIA for bits from the song " Clipped Wings " , it`s a small audio clip , but it will give you a good impression of what the album is going to sound like ...., rightclick the little picture with "Clipped Wings" and save target as ...( mp3 / 192 kbs / 00:55 ) also LINKS updated .

added 17 : 04 : 05

TOURING section updated. LINKS section updated.

BIOGRAPHY section updated.

Last saturday februari 12th : we have shot the new video succesfully - for the song

"Falling Deathwards ", now edditing hours of material is at hand ,expect a real cool one !

A compilation of screen shots overhere...

The first gigs for 2005 are confirmed , check it out ... added 22 : 01 : 05

TOURING section updated.

added 06 : 02 : 2005 : Page Update

INTERVIEWS changed/added, RELEASES added, LINKS section updated.

N E W S added 18 : 01 : 2005

Here`s a little update on the album ; preparation now are made for the mastering of the cd , sceduled for end of januari a few rough mixes are running rounds on different instalations right now , but the final mixdown - soundbalance - is actually ready , there`s a few minor changes / corrections to be made , the tracklisting is now beeing considdered and a couple of soundscapes are beeing prepared to be used when the masterprocess is going to be done ...

Some news on the new video ; we`re shooting a new video for "Falling Deathwards" , Laurens did his vocals on it and will appear in it , sceduled for saturday 12th, in the 2nd weekend of februari , it will amaze you ! , the live vids - 5 cams + soundboard -will be finished somewhere march , we`re testing a mix right now on bugs ( vermin ? ) etc ... , we`ll do a " making the album " - vid aswell , we had a camera running on the several stages of the recording process , so watch out for that one ...
Further note , there`s some changes in the LINKS-section
, and we`re ready to play LIVE again , contact us when you want us to play in your town , keep checking , we`ll add some new sounds soon too !!!

oh and another - rather late - REVIEW
is added , from Maelstrom magazine ...

PICTURES added 15 : 12 : 2004

Pictures updated, find them in the STUDIO section.

N E W S added 01 : 11 : 2004

Another update on the upcoming album , most likely entitled " Burning Angels " , the basics are recorded very well now , had to finish some bassguitartracks , and we filled the remaining time on a pre-mix for a couple of songs of which one will appear on the compilation-cd " Blown To Pieces vol. III " on Fearsome records ,a song called " Eyes Wide Shut " , sceduled for december to be released , check their website for more details ... Next wednesday november 3rd solo`s & arangements are going to be recorded , monday november 8th is set for a general mix of the 16 tracks

N E W S added 25 : 09 : 2004

This is some more news on the upcoming album , as said , drums were recorded very well , 16 songs in total, that meant that we , the other guys, had to work just as hard to achieve the same ,well , rhythmguitars are recorded for one side ,we`ll record an extra day next week , vocals are recorded entirely , Thomas aswell as Laurens did a great job here , considering they had to do several tracks on each song ; gutteral vocals are the main thing but man ,some dubbs will surprise one and other ... -Laurens did the vox for a song " Falling Deathwards" , which is gonna be the next video ,Jeroen did a great job aswell , there`s a song or two to be finished somewhere later , when arangements + leads are gonna be filled in (sceduled for oktober 23rd ),take a look again later on the site , we`ll give you a peek in to the studio , and that means into the album ....

N E W S added 22 : 09 : 2004

here`s a small studio-report , Pascal has finished the drumtracks - 16 songs in total - the first day , the next we`d checked for the best possible versions , right after Ron has made a beginning with the guitartracks , Wolf will do his part this wednesday , check Studio-pix / Excess september for some visuals , come again later for more updates ....

B I G N E W S 14 : 09 : 2004 B I G N E W S

Today we anounce a couple of things , next few weeks are gonna be very intense in the Vermin-camp ; we enter the EXCESS-studio(Rotterdam) starting on monday september 20th. to record our debut - official - album , yet untitled , things are getting serious now ...

We also have plans for a new videoclip to be added again as bonus material on the cd , aside we`re also preparing a bonus DVD to come along with it - a show filmed with 5 camera`s added with the soundboard audio earlier this year in Breda / the Netherlands

The band also would like to use this weekend`s opportunity to -officially- anounce the fact that Thomas has stated to leave the band , he wants to do different things then what Vermin is heading towards to ,however , he made sure to help us out anyway he can ;he`s helping us out with the new guy + he will do the vocals on the album ( for Thomas aswel as for Vermin a perfect way to close great period and make room for another ...)and ; Vermin will give a last show with Thomas this weekend , SUNDAY SEPT. 19 TH. at the T.M.T. in Roosendaal @ The Metal Templefest (check the POSTER for details ...Vermin are added as opening act at 15:00hrs !!! )

We`ve now come to announce the fact that we have a very suiteble replacement in the person of Laurens , in an early phase he got in touch with us and we`ve done some rehearsals allready,in fact he will be the singer in the clip (we record new vocals with him ...) AND he is also on stage this sunday ,doing his part of our little set , a small but very special little show indeed ; both the old and the new vokillists on one stage , come and check it out (gigs-section), it will be the last show for atleast a few months !!

added 10 : 07 : 2004 : Page Update

LINKS section updated.

REVIEWS section updated.

BIOGRAPHY section updated.


Right-click,save target as...(play in quicktime!!)



added 26 : 05 : 2004 : Page Update

TOURING changed/added

Klik hier voor details busreis

added 25 : 04 : 2004 : Page Update

Picture section updated. More will be changed/added/removed later..

added 19 : 04 : 2004 : Page Update

TOURING section updated.


Baroeg 7 mei




T . M . T .



added 27 : 03 : 2004 : LINKS ADDED

LINKS section updated.

added 22 : 03 : 2004 : LINKS ADDED+UPDATED BY ALPHABET

LINKS section updated.


Metal Battle link

added 26 : 02 : 2004 : Page Update

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added 24 : 02 : 2004 : Page Update

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TOURING changed/added, LINKS added,

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TOURING section updated. BIOGRAPHY section updated.

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MERCHANDISE section added.

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Touring Info changed/added, Pictures layout changed + pics. added. Webcoding optimised.

added 11 : 06 : 2003 : Concert in Breda

A gig. is planned on Thursday 19 june at the MEZZ in Breda. Check out Touring Info for further details...

added 06 : 06 : 2003 : Concert in Roosendaal

There will be a Gig. on Friday 6 june at the TMT in Roosendaal. Check out Touring Info for further details...

added 05 : 06 : 2003 : Page update

Page updated.

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